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Mental Health Support When You Need It Most

Delivering Care and Empathy to Everyone, Anywhere, and Around the Clock.


Each client, regardless of the similarity of their diagnosis to others, possesses unique characteristics. To ensure a thorough understanding of their condition, we conduct evaluations. Through these evaluations, clients can articulate their concerns and establish their treatment preferences. We view our clients as collaborators in their care. Consequently, we underscore that the management of their condition is an ongoing journey, and substantial progress can only be achieved through their active participation.

NEB Mental Health - Not Easily Broke Counseling Services


I believe that mental health is just as crucial as physical well-being. I offer a diverse range of services and resources designed to assist individuals and families during challenging times. My extensive experience as a therapist has fueled my dedication to helping you discover the most effective solutions for your mental health requirements.

I understand that each person is unique and requires a personalized approach to address their specific challenges. My aim is to deliver the highest quality of care and support, empowering you to create the life you envision. Take the first step toward improving your mental health journey by visiting my website today.

Shannon Ashley Nordt


"Shannon has been a lifeline for me during some of my darkest moments. Her personal experience with post-partum depression gives her a unique understanding that I couldn't find elsewhere. She's not just a therapist; she's a genuine advocate for mental health, and her passion shines through in her work. I'm grateful to have her as my therapist." - Sarah D.

Alexa Young, CA


2040 Linglestown Rd Suite 107

Harrisburg, PA 17110, USA

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NEB Mental Health
NEB Mental Health
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